Is Faking Legal???

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Is Faking Legal???

Post  RoameR on Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:52 am

Throughout my journey I've had various people asking me if faking a celebrity is against the law. Well good news, we are not breaking the law! Faking is simply considered as a Gossip , imagination and fantasy of the creator, as long as he claims them to be a fake theres no problem. The main problem arises if people try to sell their fakes to another person which i consider is a pathetic thing to do. You see the porn image you use is copyrighted, which means you are not allowed to sell it to a third party for money. But most of them keep a blind eye for such activites cause if the logo is not removed from a fake its still their publicity. Still we do find many pornsites stealing pictures from other fakers and adding their own logo and then selling them. Well I dont really care about that cause the people who do buy them are big idiots. if they search around they can get everything for free!!

Further regarding faking, it is illegal to distribute a fake of an unknown person, actress below 18, extremely abusive content e.t.c.
When we say underage, it is not just enough tat the actress has turned 18, only the photos taken after she turned 18 is allowed. you must always confirm this . if you are not sure about a photograph, simply let it go!

Stay Safe.

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