Important For New Members

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Important For New Members

Post  RoameR on Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:21 am

Welcome to the club.. Smile

If u wanna learn faking the celebrities...please enroll urself at the faker school admissions.
there u will get the the Newbie Faker cream the starting.
as per ur progress in faking, ur belts will change, and can reach the elite class of faking, u have never thought of..

faking is more simple than it seems.

the most important thing is this u should have ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7 OR LATER.
if u dont have we cant help. Evil or Very Mad

if u are just a fan of mine...u gotta 10 posts in ur pocket means, u should reply atleast 10 posts.
the no. of post will increase as per the traffic we get here.
after gaining the fan status, u will get a white fan belt, n u can open a topic. bounce

and if u r a faker, n think there is no need to take admission in faker school, please enroll urself in fakers section.

(what..!! u dont know what is leeching?.. no inactive members are allowed here)
if u are a member of this club u should reply to fakers work..!! they are putting efforts to put some show here..!!

inactive members will be given warning for 2 weeks..
after that they will be banned for ever..!!

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